They Mystery Behind Blue Sapphire Gemstones

Published: 16th February 2010
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"The Precious Stones" - this is a common connotation by many people about gemstones and gem minerals. This is in line with the fact that many are yearning to own even only a single piece of these valuable stones. What made these people so interested with gemstones? Likewise, how do these stones capture everyone's attention, especially ensnaring every woman's heart? Let us get the idea from one of the most famous gemstones in the world - Sapphire.

One of the most prominent gemstones is Sapphire. There are actually three of them that are deemed as the world's well-known gemstones. This is with the inclusion of Emerald, Ruby, and not to mention, Sapphire stones. These three become as prominent as they are called so, because of several interesting factors. A feature that is extremely distinct from the rest of the sprouting gemstones in the beauty and fashion industry.

A Gimpse to the History of Sapphire Gemstones

It has been a common belief that gems bring magic, charm and good luck to anyone who gets a hold of them. Same connotation goes to the Sapphire gemstones.

Talking about magical gemstones, Sapphire realizes the essence. Hearing the word alone would let you foresee some sort of magical thought, embedded in such precious stone. Try to hear it one more time, Sapphire... doesn't it sound magical? Delightful as it sounds, the reflection of Sapphire, likewise invokes a Sapphire blue flower, blue water and blue sky.

Sapphire depicts the concept of a blue color, per se the blue gem. Way back in the 18th century, blue gemstones belong to the hyacinth nomenclature. However, such classification was found out erroneous. It is recently revealed that Sapphire gemstone falls in the corundum categorization. And so, this is what we suppose. What's more at present, Sapphire is already patented by other colors than just blue. This is together with yellow, violet, purple, pink and orange colors.

Sapphire has become even more prominent during the middles ages. It was during this period when Sapphire rings came to existence. The blue sapphire rings were greatly favored by the Clergy. The rationale behind this choice was their belief of Sapphire representing heaven. In one way or another, this strengthened their faith.

On the other hand, magicians utilized the sapphire stone to aid them in their quest to fight against evil, as well as to control spirits. These people also believed that Sapphire influences the healing of different kinds of sickness, likewise, in dealing with curses.

The influence of blue sapphire rings never ended on such epoch. Apparently at present, sapphire rings and jewelries still remain the enticing items that anyone wishes to own. In the United States, sapphire gemstone also bequeaths special adoration. As a matter of fact, prominent sapphires are flaunted in several American museums.

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